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Hey Beautiful,

So happy to have you here!

Welcome to Color By Chelsea, the heart of Parkland’s hair transformation experience. I'm Chelsea, specializing in sew-in extensions — a technique that doesn't just add length or volume but unlocks a whole new YOU.

Hair is deeply personal, and I get it. Maybe you've dreamt of flaunting cascading hair or wished for that extra volume that gives your hair the perfect bounce. With my expertise, these aren't just dreams; they're within your reach.


With every meticulously sewn-in extension, I aim to magnify your inner essence. It's about ensuring that when you toss, twirl, or style your hair, it feels authentically YOU. But more than the technique, it's the transformation that I cherish. The sparkle in your eyes, the newfound confidence, the way the world seems to take notice — that's the magic of what I offer.

So, if you're ready to embrace a transformative journey where your hair does the talking and showcases your confidence, I'm here, eager to begin this exciting chapter with YOU.


"My Favorite thing about being a Hairstylist is the ability to transform your hair.

Let's face it. When you have a good hair day, anything is possible!"

When you sit in my chair, plan to fall in love with your hair again. I will coach you on how to maintain and heal your hair from the inside out so your color will last longer and your hair will start being its most healthy self.

I am fueled by my love for coconut milk lattes, hot yoga, and arts and crafts with my almost-three-year-old. When I am not in the salon, I am online shopping, spending time with my family, and figuring out what to eat HA. I also try my best to throw in a massage here and there.

As a Balayage Blonde myself, I found it challenging to find a stylist who knows what it takes to create a dimensional Balayage while still maintaining the integrity of the hair. For that reason, I have spent the past five years educating myself and perfecting the technique. At the same time, I love all colors & spent ten years mastering everything color.

Finally, I found my sweet spot specializing in dimensional Blondes and brunettes and becoming an extension expert. I would love the opportunity to discuss taking your hair to the next level.
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