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Invisible Bead Extensions®

The #1 Most Requested

Hand-tied Extension Method

IBE ®was created to solve 3 Major problems encountered with different types of hand-tied methods Available

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-Prevents Damage

-Eliminates Discomfort

-Styling Versatility

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Long Hair, Don't Care

Offering Invisible Bead Extensions® (IBE) hand-tied extensions for a luxurious and seamless hair transformation. Experience fuller, healthier-looking hair with a method designed for comfort and style.

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Frequently Asked Questions

how do I know how to take care of them

How much will my extensions cost?

Caring for your extensions is easy with our guidance. During installation, I'll walk you through the essentials of proper care. Plus, you'll receive three full-size products and a handy PDF guide with your first installation, ensuring your extensions stay beautiful and healthy.

Prices are custom depending on the look your trying to achieve and what it takes to get you there.
16 Inches- $825 - $1365+
20 inches - $1182 -$2202+
24 inches - $1385-$2608+

How often will I have to come in?

To prevent damage and breakage, you'll need to come in to reinstall your extensions ever 6-8 weeks.
Installations cost $300 a row

Will my hair be super long?

That is entirely up to you! I offer extensions for Length, density, style, or a combination of all 3, I only use high-quality hair for you at several lengths to meet your needs, and I am an expert on blending for the most natural results.

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